Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Maker is one of those producers that should be a household name by now.
The guy has something special, he knows what he wants out of his music and knows how to execute it correctly. Aside from being the backbone to many of Indy raps favorite acts, dudes beats can stand alone, firmly. With his instrumental projects he creates the most personal and intimate music that I like to contemplate my very existence to.
Anyone and everyone that knows Maker will vouch that he’s a stand up guy and an example for any honest producer on how to harness your honest feeling and make them into a living, breathing composition.
Makers hard as fuck basically, so here’s a little insight into the mind of THE MAKER…

RSZZZ: Maker where you from?

Maker: Aurora, IL.

RSZZZ: What side of Aurora IL?

Maker: East side.

RSZZZ: What crews do you represent?

Maker: Them Bad Apples, Glue, Vinyl Monkeys

RSZZZ: So what you got going on?

Maker: About to go to Phoenix (touring).

RSZZZ: In terms of projects what do you have going on? What's going on in the future? What's next for Maker?

Maker: Well I got ummm... working on another solo record and mixtape. And I'm doing various beats for other people's albums. Mestizo & Maker, and a bunch of secret stuff and a bunch of stuff that's not secret, and the next Glue record.

RSZZZ: Favorite producer?

Maker: Prince Paul

RSZZZ: Favorite producer of the new time?

Maker: Alchemist


Maker: Because he keeps using all the samples that I use.

RSZZZ: But he also uses a lot of really well known samples that have been overused.

Maker: That's true, but that's not the ones that he used that were mine.

RSZZZ: Favorite mainstream emcee?

Maker: Jay-Z.

RSZZZ: Favorite dirty south emcee?

Maker: Lil Wayne. Na mean?

RSZZZ: Favorite DJ?

Maker: DJ DQ.


Maker: Because he's freakin awesome! Have you ever heard him before?

RSZZZ: If you could break down Glue's chocie of beards in one word...

Maker: Pirate.

RSZZZ: Mom or Dad?

Maker: Dad.


Maker: Cause I'm not a momma's boy.

RSZZZ: Favorite Chicago emcee?

Maker: Wiener Circle.

RSZZZ: I didn't say food spot. Emcee.

Maker: Lord 360.

RSZZZ: Favorite LA emcee?

Maker: Aceyalone.

RSZZZ: Favorite gangsta rapper?

Maker: Let's go with Ice Cube on that. I was a big Ice Cube fan when I was young.

RSZZZ: If there was one thing you could add to the world, what would it be?

Maker: Your girlfriend's hair.

RSZZZ: If there was one thing you could take away from the world, what would it be?

Maker: Your hair.

RSZZZ: Hilary or Obama?

Maker: Ron Paul.

RSZZZ: Hilary or Obama?

Maker: Hobama.

RSZZZ: Black man or white lady?

Maker: Depends for what.

RSZZZ: Presidential candidate.

Maker: Black man.

RSZZZ: Anything you could get in the world for your lady, what would it be?

Maker: A purse.

RSZZZ: What kind of purse?

Maker: A day of the dead purse.

RSZZZ: That's very weak.

Maker: Kinda cool.

RSZZZ: If you could afford new glasses, what kinda glasses would they be?

Maker: His glasses. As his, I'm pointing at what's his name?


Maker: SP's glasses, they look like my grandma's glasses.

RSZZZ: Daddy Kev or Hive?

Maker: Kev.

RSZZZ: Low End Theory or Danny's (funk night in Chicago).

Maker: Low End Theory, dude.

RSZZZ: That's right.


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